Special Music Next Week: Laurie Hallberg & Heather Oesterling

Evening Song Leader Next Week: Luke Vogel

 The Adult Castle Retreat will be held this weekend, February 1st-3rd at the Castle in Franklin, PA. The cost is $60 per person. There is a signup sheet on the back-bulletin board.                


Today              2:00pm     Nursing Home Ministry

  5:30pm     Kidz Club

                         5:45pm     Youth Group

  6:00pm     Evening Service

Speaker: Pastor Chris Roberts

Song Leader: Barry Peffer

Wednesday   6:45 pm    Youth Group

                       7:00pm     Prayer Meeting

 Friday-Sunday               Adult Castle Retreat


Dorcas Circle will be sending goodie boxes to the college students on February 13th. We will be packing them at 9:30am. Please start collecting goodies for them. If you have a student in college, we will need their current address, so we can send them. Please make sure you give the address to one of the ladies in the Dorcas Circle. Thank you.

 Summer Camp Needs

Abby Peffer is requesting some things for her Summer Camp of 2019: toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, empty cardboard cereal boxes, bottle tops of different colors and sizes (bigger ones from juices and smoothies), clear plastic jelly, mayo, spaghetti sauce jars with lids (remove labels please); 4 sleeping bags (that you would not want back). Thank you in advance for your donations!

 Birthdays & Anniversaries  

        1/27 Barb Wigton

        1/28 Craig Peffer

                    Kinsley Roberts

                     Paul Charles

        1/29 Amanda Brown

        2/2   Nancy Verzella