Portersville Bible Church was originally founded in 1840.  Throughout the years, many Pastors have come and gone faithfully serving the LORD, the congregation, and the community.  The current organization of Portersville Bible Church was established in 1958, whose first Pastor was Rev. Robert Barr.  After Rev. Barr's passing in 1976, the church called Michael Charles as Pastor. Pastor Charles and Candy recently retired after forty plus years of faithful service. We thank them for all they have done over the years.                                                                               

Pastor Chris Roberts and his family joined us on October 8th, 2017 as Pastor of Portersville Bible Church. He comes to us by way of Portersville Christian School, Appalachian Bible College, Maranatha Baptist University, and Berea Baptist Church. Please welcome Pastor Chris, his wife Emily, and their 3 children to our family.

Our Mission

Our vision for Portersville Bible Church is to be the Salt and Light Christ would have us to be in Western Pennsylvania.  By the grace of God we aspire to missionally live out the Gospel to the community around us and see our God lead people closer to Himself through us.  This vision is for each of us to be ever growing and glorifying God as said in our mission statement:

Our mission is glorifying God...

      in Worship    ...by praising Him with all we are
      in Preaching   ...by listening to and speaking God's Word
      in Giving Ourselves    ...by living and telling the gospel
      in Prayer   ...by conversing with God together and alone
      in Being Together   ...by being near each other and God